Work Areas - Private Law

Intellectual Property
Lex Consulting focuses on providing comprehensive, multi-disciplinary intellectual property services designed to help clients obtain the greatest business advantages in the following areas: patents, copyrights, trademarks, IP Transactions. The firm offers thorough advice and guidance based upon extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property including its acquisition, enforcement, management and commercial exploitation.

Banking and Finance
In financing transactions, the firm supports clients in preparing the credit documentation, structuring security packages and rendering legal opinions. Lex Consulting has successfully worked on structuring innovative products such as securitisations and dealt with sensitive issues under banking supervisory law.

Family Law
The firm provides guidance and defense of interested parties in family law cases and in particular as concerns separation and divorce, legal instruments for recognition of child and/or legitimating of natural child (denegation of fatherhood, contestation of legitimacy, recognition of natural child, legal declaration of fatherhood); adoption of child and physical person; joint or separate affidavit; legal decisions regarding protection of child against family abuses, defense of infancy, constitution of family trusts, youth rights…); effects of marriage (rights and obligations for spouses, annulations and divorce, family trusts and companies, family agreements…). Law firm experts may advise on any aspects of succession and wills, donations.

The firm has a long and consolidated tradition of assistance in every sector of law where controversies arise. Our litigation professionals have significant experience in a wide variety of types of litigation and with all kinds of ordinary and special procedures as per the Italian civil code and the laws governing single areas, as well as in assisting clients in every aspect of litigation management, from pre-trial phases to forced execution of judgements obtained, and in every phase and type of negotiation and settlement. Our lawyers regularly represent multinational corporations, banks and financial institutions with national and international controversies.
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